February 22, 2022

Don't take the advice from just one person


Different people will give you different advice. Take on board what you like.

Lots of influential teachers and photographers will tell you important things they keep as their best pieces of advice.

These teachers will often contradict each other, however, and it is important to learn from more than one person to get the broadest range of knowledge possible, so you can then decide what you like, and what you don't.

By only learning from one person, you become a carbon copy of that person, and limit your chances of expanding into your own photographer who has taken the best bits of everyone around them in order to shape themselves. For example, if I only ever listened to one portrait youtuber, I may learn about the use of light and composition very differently from someone who specialises in landscape, or street photography. Likewise, these photographers may have very different advice when it comes to things like subjective admiration, or even aspects of business in the photography industry.

This is not to say either method is incorrect, but rather they are useful for different purposes, and in different contexts.

Opening yourself up to learning as much as you can from as many people as possible can only have positive outcomes. You might as well try it all.