November 5, 2019

Edit your photos more than once


Your style will change, and some of your favourite photos may come from re-editing old shots.

Hold on to the raw files of your favourite photos. Not just for obvious reasons, but editing the same photo every few months can actually come with surprising results.

Your editing style will change over time, and sometimes it can be so subtle that you may not even notice the change until it comes to comparing shots you've taken months apart.

This change may be attributable to your own personal preferences when it comes to colour correction and the use of photoshop, or even an overall improvement in learning how to use different retouching programs. It may even be that you're the type of editor that needs to re-edit a photo a week later to give yourself some time to think about the shot, and what you see as the final output.

No matter the reason, re-editing will always provide you with a different final image to the one you originally created, and despite which one you end up preferring, engaging in the process has beneficial outcomes. That's because re-editing means that some of your favourite raw photos can be reinvented to capture a range of moods depending on your style at the time. Further, spending more time on one photo might see you improving your skill set, and learning things you didn't know how to do at the time of the original edit.

Engage with your ever-changing style, and apply it as broadly as possible. You never know what could come of it.

Photos taken at Itsukushima Shrine, Japan. Edited 7 months apart.